Frequently asked questions

How do I search for job offers?

You have different possibilities to search for a job. In the quick search, our job offers can be searched by entering specific words. To narrow down your search, you can use our detailed search offering several search criteria which you can select individually. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to find exactly what you are looking for. For multiple selections use Ctrl when making your selection. With the company search, you can search by company name (or a part of the name), by country, by type of business or by using the company´s first letter. You can search by selecting only one criterion or combining them individually in your search.

Is there any charge for the registration and the services?

Our services are designed to assist job seekers in their job search. For applicants all services are free of charge.

What are the advantages for job seekers when registering for free?

After the free registration, job seekers can access their personal applicant center section, which offers several useful functions for the online application. Within the password secured user section, you have the possibility to save a cover letter, CV, photo and other documents or to activate a jobfinder.

What is a jobfinder and how does it work?

The jobfinder is an automatically generated e-mail notification with job offers that match with your activated search profiles. It is up to you to decide if and when you wish to activate or deactivate a jobfinder.

Can I find international job offers on your homepage as well?

Companies from all over the world are publishing their job offers on our homepage. By entering a country in the "Where" field in the job search box, or by leaving it blank to see all countries, you will see in which areas we are currently publishing job offers. Please note that the job offers in our database are changing every day and new countries are being added.

Can you assist me in the search for an apprenticeship?

On the job boards you can find apprenticeship training positions. Simply choose "Apprenticeship" from the selection field "Employment" and your search result will show all available apprenticeship training positions.

Can you find me a new job?

Our internet job board is not a placement office. Please contact the advertising company directly; the easiest way is by using the online application form.

Is it possible to attach further documents to the cv saved in the applicant center?

Yes, further documents can be attached to the cv when sending it out.