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Are you looking for a job in the Hotel Industry? Working in this sector can be fun and exciting with a range of different activities and areas. You can opt for a position that requires daily contact with customers and working with others in a team or work ‘behind-the-scenes’. Hotel Industry jobs are offered in luxurious, high-class hotels in city centres, but also in more remote locations in the country side or in the mountains. Imagine working in a cozy mountain inn. The choice can be tough when it comes to picking the establishment in which you would like to work, with such a vast range of potential work places available. Work in this sector, also referred to as the lodging sector of the hospitality industry, is fast-moving and customer-oriented. If you aim to work in the Hotel Industry your goal should be to provide comfort, efficiency and excellent customer service to all guests – this is the foundation of any successful lodging accommodation. So whether you are a qualified cook/chef, hotel manager or receptionist, you can give your skills free rein and grow. Career opportunities are broad. If you want to enter a higher management position or obtain further training there are many possibilities and open doors. In a few words, Hotel Industry jobs are promising yet a good amount of patience and the ability to keep your cool in stressful situations is a must. If you have what it takes and enjoy handling busy situations and managing many things at the same time, then this is the industry for you. It’s possible that you’ll have to work weekends sometimes, night shifts or overtime at other times, but you will have the chance to meet new people and enjoy many other rewarding experiences.



A vast range of possibilities are open to those whose hearts are set on the Hotel Industry. If you have a talent for artistic creativity and a passion for the delights of the palate, then a position as a Chef might be just right for you. A Chef is a dynamic team player and is the centre piece of life at a hotel. Training as a Chef opens the door to countless hotel kitchens.

Minds inclined towards business administration can equally have a role in the puzzle. The ability to juggle numbers and figures suits management assistants and experts who take care of such intricate details as accounting, human resources and managing all processes that ensure the work flow at an establishment. If you have a heart for cost control and company statistics then you might just be the long awaited hero or heroine. A hotel manager is the clockwork operating the machinery. But he or she is not mere numbers. Sales and customer consultations are just as much a part of the job.

All-rounders are well suited for the hotel manager position, as it requires both organizational skills as well as personal soft skills. People who are blessed with these skills can also enter other sectors of the Hotel Industry like Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Front Office, Kitchen, Reservations and Back Office. Furthermore if you have completed secondary school education, you have good chances of getting an apprenticeship position in the hotel industry. Ultimately a hotel manager also takes on many tasks outside of her scope of duties. If you are endowed with language skills and a sales talent, then you are ready to take the first steps in your career in this industry.

In the Hotel Industry, training as a restaurant manager is certainly an option, as every hotel usually has one or several restaurant spaces. The person responsible for the restaurant is entirely dedicated to treating guests to a well-deserved experience. Those who demonstrate exceptional skills can find themselves climbing up the ladder and becoming head of the restaurant.

Training as a gastronomy professional focuses on the diverse areas that determine the quality of a guest’s experience at a hotel. Duties can range from serving drinks to preparing rooms and advising guests. Communicative skills, flexibility and team spirit are the foundations of professional gastronomy services.


Qualities and requirements

To work in the Hotel Industry, a number of qualities are essential. A flexible disposition coupled with a passion to serve and assist is the foremost ingredient for a Hotel Industry job. Dynamic personalities are sought-after who have the ability to understand the fabric of a complex situation very quickly and implement solution-oriented strategies. You have to be able to stay on top of things even in the face of great workloads and moments of turmoil. Reliability is what makes all the other ingredients stick together.

If you have an open, communicative and warm personality, you will certainly discover the path to happiness in the Hotel Industry. The main ladders of getting promoted will be right there for you to grasp at.

A solid education in a hotel with a good reputation forms the basis of advancing on your career path across the globe. The ability to find your place in a team and to share work and performance goals with your fellow employees is part and parcel of your success. Take the kitchen as an example. It is divided into many different specific areas. In each area, a different task awaits you. For a kitchen to function well, coordination is of the utmost importance.

The ability to express yourself eloquently is not uncalled for. Coupled with a smart and well-groomed appearance and the readiness to execute smaller and larger physical tasks, the ability to say what you ought to say will allow you to navigate situations with ease and find the right solutions for unexpected situations.

Nothing in the Hotel Industry will go according to plan. Spontaneous and unforeseen encounters will challenge you to bring out the best in yourself in terms of practical spontaneity. An overall framework of coordination is the alpha and omega to conduct the constant flux in a manageable way. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said “panta rhei”, “everything flows!” He must have worked in a hotel! If you can stay calm and focussed in the face of the customer flow and don’t get pushed over the edge by the onslaught of chaos, then you will be crowned the king or queen of the hotel. Then even a tsunami of guests will not be able to shake your inner peace.Your structured and clear working style will, in fact, help you to calm down each storm.

Your guiding light is the desire to serve in the spirit of “ars gratia artis”, “art for art’s sake”, which in the Hotel Industry really means “the customer is king (or queen)”. You have to like people, because people are really what hotels are about. A hotelier who doesn’t like people is like a driving teacher who doesn’t like roads. Your readiness to serve and assist will be the force that attracts guests and makes them return again and again.


Career options

A variety of hierarchical levels exist in the Hotel Industry. These form different paths to reach the peak of any hotel enterprise. You don’t always have to study. You can also reach the peak through further education and trainings as well as internal schooling. Vast career jumps are not unheard of. If you are good at what you do and if you do it with passion, you will be rewarded. The Hotel Industry attracts high flyers because it has so many fast paths to reach the goal and offers an immense diversity of opportunities which no other sector can boast of. It is a workshop that can produce true geniuses.

Hotel Industry jobs require you to keep your professional goals in mind at all times and to truly work for them. This is the place where dreams come true. A number of additional qualifications qualify you for the highest management positions. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a manager? Continuing education and training is the key to success.

Whether as a Chef or a Restaurant Manager, every area will find a place for you:

  • If you have a passion for the good things in life, such as wine, spirits, tobacco or even water, you could do some additional training as a sommelier.
  • If you like mixing and throwing people off the edge with fantastic combinations of taste, why not become a qualified mixologist at the bar?
  • If you would rather build on your existing education, why not train as a gastronomy business administrator or a qualified hotel management expert?
  • … wherever fate takes you: in the Hotel Industry the entire world is open to you, very literally! Because in every country, city, town and village of this world there are hotels. Your career path has no boundaries. At some point in the near future, even the planet Mars will have hotels. The entire world is in the palm of your hand. Starting your profession in the Hotel Industry is the guaranteed step to a great future.


Some basic facts and figures

The Hotel Industry is booming, because human beings want to see the world they live in. Millions and millions are drawn to the beautiful hotels of our beautiful earth. Revenues in this sector in Germany were at 21 billion euros in 2012. Worldwide revenues in 2011 were at 457 billion dollars. It is also a sector with a high turnover of personnel, requiring many new specialists and experts on an ongoing basis.

Come now, enter the ship of the Hotel Industry. Enjoy the many-sided and lively work environment, the wide range of job opportunities and the unique experiences and contacts that only this industry can offer.