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Get insights into the multiple facets of the hospitality: employee expectations, employer branding or international mobility: our latest studies are aimed at professionals who wish to extend their recruitment knowledge.

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How the hospitality industry is controlling the Corona crisis

The Corona pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for the hospitality industry. We surveyed 15,000 business owners and employees, mostly in Europe, to know how their companies deal with the crisis.

The results show how the hospitality industry is affected by temporary lay-off and closures and how businesses plan to reopen. You will gain insights into how employees assess the crisis resilience of their employers and how employees see the communication put into place by their company.

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Global hospitality talents - recruiting insights

It is what the hospitality is (notably) about: global career opportunities. In an ever-globalizing industry, what are the motivations of employees to take up a job abroad? What are their expectations about their employer and how can you retain them in the long term?

In cooperation with the international job boards Hotelcareer, Caterer, CatererGloabl and Turijobs, our European study "Global hospitality talents - recruiting insights: how to attract, recruit and retain a global workforce" answers these and other questions.

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