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We’ll help you find the answers to all questions regarding your professional career, applications or salary. Wether you are looking for job descriptions or future career fairs - here you will find a wide variety of useful information.


Job descriptions vary a lot
in the hotel, catering
and tourism industry.

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about certain jobs?


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Meet interesting and
attractive companies
at our career fairs
in the DACH countries.

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A rolling stone gathers no moss. Nowadays,
you have to be on the ball all the time in order to move forward. Take a look at institutes that are offering interesting courses for further education.ompetitive.

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Have you got enough of going through the slow and lengthy job application process via snail mail?

Applying for a job directly online is a fast and easy way. Create your whole application online or just simply attach your CV, your photo and cover letter.


Last but not least: It's all for free.