Head Chef (m/f)

CalviaFull Time01/09/2019
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We are also looking for the following staff to complete our team: 
• Restaurant Manager 
• Kitchen Crew 
• Waiters 
• Bartender

What you’ll do: 
• Manage reservations over the telephone, emails, webs and other channels by using our internal system and external extranets. 
• Process accommodation bookings and sends detailed confirmations to clients. 
• The first point of contact for any customer issues. 
• Works with Customer Care Team to ensure guests receive prompt and cordial attention. 

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Desired Skills: 

• Fluent Spanish and English 
• Availability from February 2019 
• 3 years experience as a head chef and 5 years as a chef


• Contract all year 
• To be influenced from the beginning 
• Local production 
• Ecological orientation 
• New fresh premises 
• Creative environment 
• "Nothing is impossible" 
• Forward thinking 



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