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We are dynamic and important events company with food tours in more than 30 cities in Europe, USA, Asia and South America. We chose Sevilla as our new destination, and we are looking for someone to be in charge of the project, and become our new city manager and tour guide! This is a really interesting and fun position for anyone really passionate about food, wine, history and culture. 

We are looking for a person that has passion for his/her culture and enjoys exploring it and sharing it. But also someone with great management skills, as you will be in charge of taking many decisions in your city. 

Your tasks

This position consists in two main roles that you will be doing on a daily basis: 

As a city manager, you will be in charge of creating/designing a food tour, and manage all potential requests and development that this project requires. 

And as a tour guide, you will take small groups of tourists around Sevilla and get them to taste some great local Spanish food and delicious drinks, while telling them about the culture/history and local stories from the area. 

Your profile

This is the profile we believe the position requires: 

Languages: native Spanish AND fluent in English (tours are in English). 
Knowledge: Have a deep understanding of Spanish culture and history. 
Interests & Curiosity: Food, gastronomy, culture, cooking... 
Personality: Someone comfortable in a social environment, that enjoys having people around. A "people" person. 

Overall, you need to be passionate, and enjoy what you do! You will work in a great atmosphere, far from the office stress in a young and flexible team with lot of passion for their work. And many opportunities to have fun and travel if you do well your job.


Type of contract: 
- Half-time (at the beginning you will not have a lot of tours per week) 
- Freelance position (con alta de AUTONOMO) 
- Possibility to become a full time in the future if the tour goes well. 

Starting: February 2019 

Fixed City Manager salary 
+ A fee for each tour you run 
+ Be part of our travel reward program 



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