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Jobs Public Relations

A basic definition of public relations is the shaping and maintaining of a company’s image for its clients and their other contacts, or the public. This means that it is about the image or opinion any further party will have or form about the company. These other parties could comprise clients, potential clients, students, member of organisations, the government, suppliers, media, investors, etc. PR is also the way companies communicate with the public and media. If you have a job in PR you communicate with clients or the target group in such a way that a positive image of the company is maintained and created as well. This is done using media and, obviously, the Internet. The public image of a company is crucial for its success and also for winning new clients. The job of a PR specialist is to communicate on behalf of the company vis-a-vis the public and clients or potential clients and to present the services and products in the best light possible. It comes down to the company’s reputation. Improving a company’s reputation also increases the sales of a company. Tools that are used to boost a company’s public image include press releases, newsletters, public events (where one can represent the company and directly address people), conferences, conventions, etc. Thanks to such tools and people doing PR jobs clients and potential clients and gain an insight on what a company actually does and thus market the company better. Marketing jobs have a lot to do with public relations.


Getting a job in PR?


Jobs in PR often require some type of degree. Degrees in communications, marketing or journalism are preferred. What it comes down to in the end is whether you have the right skills for a job in PR. Very good writing and verbal skills are required and being able to work under pressure. This can be a challenging job if you choose to work in this field Furthermore, good organizational and planning skills are required for jobs in PR.


As today’s market is very competitive, fulfilling a job in public relations successfully and keeping up the image of a company is one of its greatest assets. There are many sectors you can work in for PR. The B2B, consumer, fashion, financial sectors and many others need PR to survive and grow in the current economy. Thus many PR jobs are crucial to the company and how good of a job is being done.


All in all, public relations is about effective communication. Persons who have PR jobs are the ones who develop strategies in order that that the target groups view the communication as clear and honest.


What are the specialist areas for jobs of the public relations industry?


There is consultancy and in-house practice. Specialist areas comprise: media relations, public affairs, internal communication, publicity and events, government relations, corporate communications, healthcare communications and many others. The list of jobs in the specialist areas is quite long. Furthermore, every sector such as the financial sector, IT, consumer sector has its own form of PR that needs to done.


Now you already have a picture of what public relations is about and what type of job it is to work in this field. Each company and PR agencies have job positions needing to be filled. Go through our job offers. Take on a new job as a PR practitioner! There are always new public relations jobs on the market. Start searching.