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    Jobs Distribution

    Today, there are 638 Distribution / Sales department jobs online at our internet job board. You will surely find the job you are looking for. For refining your search, just use the filter on the left hand side. You also show jobs on a map or save your current search to your application center. Find the job you are looking for and get to work in the Distribution / Sales department.

    Jobs Distribution

    Distribution is a work process and a job which is part of logistics. It comprises the organisation and implementation of a certain activity or operation within a company. Distribution refers to distributing goods from one point to another, meaning from the place of manufacture to the consumer directly. So basically it isabout moving goods from different locations. It is essential to always have a clear overview of the transportation and to manage, plan and coordinate it accordingly. The transportation of goods is done by road, rail, air or water. To provide a detailed explanation: Distribution within a distribution system of a company starts at a delivery warehouse from which the goods, raw materials, etc. are transported to a procurement warehouse and then on to the producer. The producer has the goods delivered to a sales warehouse and/or distribution warehouse. Thus distribution in logistics is not always a simple transportation process from point A to B! A number of jobs have to be carried out during the course of this tricky process. The traditional distribution model is as follows:


    Producer > wholesaler > retailer


    However, alternative distribution models may exclude the wholesaler with the producers or retailers wanting to cut costs and bypass the wholesaler. This makes the job cheaper and quicker.


    Distribution and logistics is all about meeting customer demands, from the orders to managing the inventory, controlling shipments, packaging, warehouse selection, production stores, material handling, customer and return of goods.


    There is a wide array of jobs in distribution and logistics. However, many of them demand cost-analysis skills, knowledge of transportation procedures and various methods of production. To name a few jobs in this sector: truck driver, purchasing manager, logistics analyst, warehouse manager and many more.


    What education do I require to get a job in distribution and logistics?


    To be a truck driver and other driving jobs you will need a commercial driver’s license and complete written exams/tests. For managerial jobs in warehousing or transportation a bachelor’s degree in business logistics, business administration with an emphasis in marketing, management or transportation/logistics. One thing is sure though that if you do have a bachelor’s degree in logistics management it will surely be easier to find a job in distribution, such as trucking companies, warehouses and retailers. Bachelor’s degrees in transportation and logistics usually take three to four years, just as with other subjects. Obviously every school and university have different classes being offered to obtain a degree in logistics and transportation, but they are sure to cover the following: law and ethics, international business, supply and demand, economics, business administration, inventory management, material handling, distribution, manufacturing management, etc. The best is to always check the education requirements for your desired job. Each job is different and therefore requires different skills and a specific degree.


    Some different job descriptions to give you an idea


    Logistics and distribution manager: this job covers tasks such as inventory control, demand planning, making sure that routines are followed for the delivery of supply, maintaining quality management systems, developing and cultivating strong partnerships with important service providers, coordinating with various distribution centers and implementing various processes for continual improvement of efficiency and costs, and many other jobs depending on the company you are working for. For these jobs you will need a business degree or something equivalent, experience in a similar job and skills in management, planning and change management.


    Distribution tech: in this job you count, stock up and keep an overview of all supply areas, perform distribution activities via the computer, receive supplies and equipment, manage the storeroom/warehouse and deliver supplies to the departments. For this job you should at least be a high school graduate and have some experience in material handling and computers.


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